On the Road Again

Just a note to let you know that James Harvey (of the Bike Around Britain charity cycle tour of 2013) is at it again. He has just flown to Norway and over the next 6 months will be cycling down and around Europe, possibly finishing in Turkey. Once again he is raising money for the Big C charity which is attached to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. They supported my sister when she was having chemo. Two of the events I recall her enjoying were the scarf-tying lessons and the make-up sessions, with free make-up bags stocked with goodies from the big cosmetic companies. They also provide equipment for the hospital and support cancer research.

James’ website is: http://selfpropelled.life/

You can link to his twitter feed and to the charity’s site from here.  If you are able to donate I know he’d be very grateful.

Apart from raising money he’s making this trek because he’s an extremely enthusiastic cyclist – before he got on his plane to Norway, he cycled (from Norfolk) to some camping event in the north of England where thousands of cycling types in lycra gathered around fires to discuss tyre pressure and gross chafing.

He is able to make this trip because, once again, Richard Branson, his boss, is keen for his peeps to take sabbaticals, and go find themselves. James doesn’t need to go find himself because in the three days he’s been in Norway I’ve found him on three separate webcams, and it took me 5 minutes tops each time. What does that say about our modern world? Here is our target arriving at the very northern tip of Norway, Nordkapp. He’s gazing in awe at the desolate, snow-covered landscape and at that cruel, icy sea, and believing that he’s having a man-alone-with-the-elements moment. (Then he went into the visitor’s centre and had a hot chocolate.)

Surveillance footage of target in Nordkapp.

Surveillance footage of target in Nordkapp.

Good luck, James. I am following your trek with interest … at least until the restraining order is served!

Target arriving in Lakselv.

Target arriving in Lakselv.

Next up:  I find Jason Bourne during my tea break.


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